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New Hampshire Housing Relief Program    

The New Hampshire Housing Relief Program is designed to keep people from losing their housing and to secure or maintain permanent housing. The program has two components: one-time assistance grants; and a short-term rental assistance program.

One-time Assistance Grants

One-time assistance grants can be used to assist households with:

  • Past-due rent from April 2020 forward for households that fell behind on rent due to either increased household expenses or lost household revenue as a result to COVID-19;

  • Past-due housing/household related expenses that may impact an individual’s/families’ ability to remain housed; and/or

  • Other housing related one-time expenses that if not paid impact the ability to maintain housing.


The grant is not to exceed $2,500, and is conditioned on COVID-19 related loss of household income or increased household expenses. This grant program is targeted to those households who will be able to maintain their housing without assistance after the one-time assistance payment.  

Short-term Rental Assistance

The New Hampshire Housing Relief Program will provide short-term rental assistance to maintain or secure permanent housing. This includes assistance for:

  • Past-due rent that was not paid due to a COVID-19 related inability to pay and ongoing rental assistance on a short-term basis using progressive engagement. The rental assistance will decrease over time as households regain stability; or

  • First month’s rent and ongoing short-term rental assistance to assist with initial costs to facilitate the transition of working households from shelters into permanent housing.

Both the one-time grants and the short-term rental assistance will be coupled with regional case management services to help connect households to appropriate services as defined by the household and the agency.  Program payments will be made directly to the landlord or provider, and this program will end by December 30, 2020.


Before starting your application, read more details here: (include existing link to “Read Before Applying” Document)

To access the New Hampshire Housing Relief program in your community, click on this link and enter your zip code.  You will be directed to your local Community Action Agency for application and details. (Link to look up by Zip Code)

For more details on the programs from the State of New Hampshire, click here: (Link to GOFERR page)


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